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Steps to Convert TurboTax PDF File into a TAX File


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TurboTax PDF File into a TAX File

TurboTax is an online tax preparation software that helps users in the easy filing of their taxes. You can choose the software according to your requirements. This tax filing software has its own file format named as TAX. You can turn a PDF file into TAX format very easily but before that, you will need to use a converter tool that will change the PDF to TXF first and then to TAX format. If you think that this whole process is quite complex then you can avail assistance from the technical experts available at TurboTax customer service.

Unlike a word document, PDF cannot be edited by anyone but the original author. However, the files can be opened through various software programs. So, you can convert the PDF into a TAX file in just a few steps. Here is how you can do so:

Converting TurboTax PDF file into a TAX file

Step 1: Using an online file converter tool of your choice, you need to upload the PDF document by clicking the browse button. Your file will automatically get uploaded.

Step 2: Select the TFX from the drop-down menu as a new file format.

Step 3: Enter your email address into the required field when prompted to fill. You will then receive the converted file from the converter account that you just used. Once received, click on the convert button and wait for the process of conversion to get completed.

Step 4: Login to your email account and download the new file. Click on the email that says ‘converted file from zamzar’. Tap on the download link included in the email. The new file will start to download.

Step 5: Open the TXF file in the TurboTax software and save the project as a TAX file. Open the program and select a file to open it. Type the name of the TXT file into the search bar. Click on the file when it appears in the browser window. Choose file > to save the project as. Name your project in the File name and tap ok. TurboTax will automatically save the project as a TAX file.

The given steps are easily performable, but a layman who is not into technical things might get a bit confused. In that case, it is advised to reach out to TurboTax helpline that stays available 24x7 online.

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